Connect you to a new world

TakeMe connects merchants to a digital world without barriers to language, currencies,
payment methods, and knowledge.
TakeMe enables merchants to understand and retain customers.

Our Mission – Overcome Barriers


Overcome information barrier

TakeMe creates your store content in multiple languages on popular global travel apps. Billions of tourists can access your stores before or during their trips. We sell pre-paid reservations of restaurants to increase revenue and protect restaurants from no-shows.


Overcome payment barrier

TakeMe provides over 120 global payment methods. We merge over-the-counter payment and online payment into one.


Overcome language barrier

TakeMe enables global tourists to reserve, order and pay in their own languages, while stores receive valuable information in their native language at the same time.

About Us

TakeMe株式会社 / TakeMe Co.,Ltd.
TakeMe Headquarter
Cross Office #605, 1-18-6 Nishi Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003 Japan
CEO Lu Dong
COO Tomoya Ikemoto
Date of Establishment
December 1, 2015
Our Business
Digital Payment Solutions
Merchant DX Solutions
Inbound DX Solutions
Member Organizations
Japan Consumer Credit Association
Inbound Venture Association
Payments Japan
Japan Blockchain Association
Inbound Digital Marketing Association
Business Registration
TakeMe Co., Ltd. has completed the registration of Contracted Business
Operators Handling Credit Card Numbers


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